Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did You Miss Me??

Hi everyone!!!! Sorry I have not been around to let you know what has been going on but we have both been really busy trying to get ready for all the wonderful Markets that are coming up. As a reminder, we will be at the Glenwood Farmers Market on Saturday. When you get there, we will be set up right by the coffee shop Perk so while you are getting your morning joe you can also pick up some yummy Big Daddy Biscuits for your dog. I am excited that our friend Jeanne Flint will be with us. She has just created her line of Pet Charms. One of a kind bronze charms with a touch of sterling silver. You can preview her line at http://rubmybelly.wordpress.com/new-pet-charms/. Sure wish that I could hang out with them but maybe next time.

Come back soon to find out where we will be next.

Ciao for now!!

Big Daddy

"You Know You Want Some" -Big Daddy

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  1. my dogs, vince & winnie love big daddy biscuits. they have very discerning taste & i find myself putting a little big daddy on their food to compel them to eat the whole bowl. this prevents hour long stare downs between the two. they know they want some!


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