Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite Time Of Year

As I was laying in my favorite spot in the backyard, I began to recall the weekends events that mom did. I was impressed that she decided to do so much considering it was her birthday!!

I wanted to first introduce you to our newest spokes dog, Kalli.

She is a 9 month old yorkie. Her mom Peggy is so sweet and lets mom hold her when they see one another. She sure loves our biscuits. You can also see her on YouTube

Grammy (mom's mom) did the Marietta Square Farmers Market so that mom could attend the Ahimsa House's Wag 'N Walk. They are a wonderful group that helping the human and animal victims of domestic violence across Georgia reach safety together.

Mom made some great connections and soon you all will be able to get Big Daddy Biscuits at City Dog Market What better place to be since Patsy and Renee's dog's name is Big Daddy. I can't wait to play with him. Sure hope we get along.

As quick as mom got home she had to turn around and leave to go to another event. This one she was both excited and nervous about. Paws Atlanta had their annual fundraiser with Victoria Stilwell. Mom got an autographed book and she gave her a jar of dog biscuits. We sure hopes that her dogs like them. Who knows what could come of that???

Mom is also working on the event that we are having in Brownwood Park. It is called, "Who's Your Daddy Dog Show and BBQ" This is going to be fun event. I will be sure to keep you posted on what is happening.

Gotta go now...time to go outside to check the house before turning in for the night!!

Woof Woof!!

Big Daddy

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