Monday, January 4, 2010

YAPPY New Year To You All!!

I Just Want To First Start Off By Saying Thanks To Everyone For A Wonderful First Year In Business. We Are Amazed How Many People We Have Reached With Our Products. Mom Sure Has Been Working Hard And We Have Gotten Such Great Response. Check Out The Product Review We Got On Christmas Evening From Dog Tipper. And The Reviews??? WOW!! Just Like Sally Fields Said When Getting Her Award But In My Words "You Really Like Them!" - Big Daddy

Mom Got Really Creative And Made Some Great Holiday Biscuits That People Were Buying for Stocking Stuffers. Check These Out. Believe It Or Not She Is Already Working On Valentines Day. Can't Wait To Share The Pictures.

We Have Been Going To The Decatur Farmers Market Which Has Been So Much Fun!! This Market Goes Year Round So Please Come Check Out All The Wonderful Goodies That You Can Get.
Decatur Farmers Market. The Market Is Year Round Which We LOVE!!!! I Am Not Going With Mom At This Time Because It Is To Cold For Me But In The Spring...Watch Out..I Will Be Looking Forward To Meeting Everyone!!
Gotta Run So That Mom Can Take Me For A Walk. I Promise It Won't Be So Long Until I Let You Know What Has Been Going On.
Ciao For Now...Big Daddy

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Thanks for coming by and visitng my daily life. Since Big Mama works so hard hand pressing all of the biscuits I thought that I could keep everyone up to date on what is going on, share pictures and get your comments. If you see any typos I am sorry now for that but it is really hard to type when you don't have thumbs. Let me first tell you a little about myself. I am an American Bulldog and was found wondering around by the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta Georgia. I was so little that my my head was bigger than my body. One look at me and my mom knew I needed lots of loving and care. I had been on the street so long without Proper nourishment I developed Toxoplasmosis and now have cataracts in both eyes and slowly going blind. She has nursed me back to health and today my body is strong and happy. My mom and I are now inseparable and have a large extended family who give me plenty of attention. But most of all I make my mom happy. "You Know You Want Some" - Big Daddy

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