Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Big Week For Us!!!

Mom has been busy baking in the kitchen so I decided to take the time to write to let everyone know what is going on for us this week. I am so excited especially since I am going to be able to join her over this weekend.

The first thing is that mom entered me in the Rescued Pet Idol contest in the Atlanta Intown Newspaper. I am #49 so please vote for me. You can send an e-mail to: and in the body of the e-mail put #49 and my name Big Daddy. Sure would appreciate your support. We are going to also be listed in this paper in September under Pet Briefs. A very exciting time don't you think?

We are also having an event at one of the stores that mom sells at. It is called At The Collective We have 35 artist selling everything from shirts, jewelery, art work, plants for the garden/home and organic skin care products. On Friday, August 7th, we are one of the featured artist and going to be showing all the different various gift ideas that we have put together for everyone. It will be from 6pm until 9pm and will have a DJ along with snacks and wine. We are really looking forward to this. On Saturday mom will be at the Marietta Farmers Market and then back to the store At The Collective because we are celebrating the Dog Days of Summer. PAWS Atlanta will be there along with other dog vendors to let us know about the services that they offer. Decatur Animal ER is going to be there and I am thrilled about that. They work with Decatur Village Vets and Frogs to Dogs By the way, did I mention if you go to Decatur Village Vets you can get my biscuits there. On Sunday, our friend Lisa Poole will be there with her Greyhounds rescue group. This should be a fun filled weekend!!! Animal Planet is going to be there as well so YAHHHHHOOOOO!!

I gotta go now because it is raining and need to get in my safe spot....under the dining room table!!!

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