Saturday, August 22, 2009

What A Nice Day It Was Today!!

It was a early morning for my mom today, it was the Marietta Square Farmers Market I have even heard her say that she does not mind waking up early because it is so much fun. Sure wish I could go.... imagine how exciting it would be to see all the dogs, wonderful people and their dogs. I have heard mom talking about Cleopatra all the time. She can shake, give mom a hug and pulls her mom to my tent every Saaturday!!(She knows where it is ... I lOVE IT!!! I have been trying to upload her picture but my paws are getting in the way of ths touch screen.
Oh, is she a pretty one!!!!

Next weekend is mom's niece's Bat Mitzvah!! I get to go on a mini vacation to Wag-A-Lot I know that mom hates having to take me there but I LOVE GOING!!! I walk in the door and everyone screams my name like Norm on Cheers. If I am away from mom to long I do get little scared...biting my bed..but then there is that moment....they bring my threw the doors and ....I am so excited that I run right past her. So it wont be so bad.

Monday can't get her soon enought..we should hear about the Rescued Pet Idol Contest this week. How wonderful to be entered but maybe just maybe I will place. Everyone please cross your paws.

Mom and I took a nice walk tonight. It was such a wonderful night that it sure did not feel like the end of August.

Off to bed, my eyes tired and I want to snuggle with mom!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and feel free to leave us a comment!!

Woof Woof!!

Big Daddy

Oh by the way, As you might know, Rosh Hashanah is coming up. Order your Shofars, Apples and Jewish Stars. They are wonderful gifts if you areat someone's home. going to celebrate

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